Be Careful When Travelling to Spain – Holiday Facts That You Must Know Before You Go to Spain

Many people take a lovely vacation in Spain. As you know Spain has lovely sandy beaches, quality sea food and a wide diversified culture. But there are some cautions that you must take before you go to your dream holiday to this Mediterranean country.

Holiday traveller’s usually visit Spain at summer times (June, July, August and September). At these times you can expect very hot and sunny days temperature can go over 28 degrees. Beaches at these times are literally full with people.

Some of the well known beach cost or Costa’s are:

  • Costa Brava
  • Costa Blanca
  • Costa del Sol
  • Costa Dourada
  • And many more…

If you are visiting Spain beaches then you should be very careful about this; you see salty water and the hot sun can increase chances for skin cancer. You should always apply the sun cream over your body specially the children as they are very vulnerable to these conditions.

Most of the Spanish beaches offer sun umbrellas for rent; this does not cost much (under 5 euros). Using umbrellas can reduce the chances of skin burn and skin related diseases.

Also remember to drink loads of water and eat loads of fresh fruits. Some of the most popular fruits in Spain are: watermelon, grapes and oranges.

And if you like fruit then you must try Spain famous alcoholic drink called “sangria” it is made by pure fresh summer fruits.

So there you go, things you should be aware before you travel to Spain, travel safe and have fun.

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