Books to Carry on Your Spanish Summer Holidays

Sporadically we need to hit the reset button on our lives. We all love taking a break especially in the summers. From feral beaches to alluring mountains to picturesque villages to mouth-watering food and cider – who wants to lose out on an opportunity to indulge in a few good reads?

This holiday, dip yourself with the top recommendations for books that would keep you occupied under the summer sun.

City of Sorrows by Susan Nadathur

In this well timed novel, the author – Susan Nadathur leaves you with a thought on relationships, prejudice which is enlivened by her personal experiences in life. If you desire to learn the Spanish Gypsy culture, this is a go to book. The story originates in India, and takes the readers to splendid Seville, Spain – where three men from different walks of life forgather on a path that could either save or destroy them. The author has done a brilliant job in creating characters, portraying clashes of culture keeping intact a common string of ‘human’.

A Rose For Winter- Travels in Andalusia by Laurie Lee

A perfect travelogue, Lee leaves us with an imaginative re-creation of Spain in 1950. This read will give you an insight on the daily lives, customs, and festivals – an aura of the past. This book is written with utmost precision, and imparts gusto and glory at the same time. Ensure you indulge in some wine and olives while you enjoy this novel.

Then. Now. Always by Isabelle Broom

Broom gives us an unmarred read for this summer -an enchanting story with an unexpected ending. A story of friendship and relationship, with humour and great characters. The book focuses on Hannah, who works in a Media production team, and is travelling to Spain with her colleagues to film a documentary. Unforeseen events take place, when her half-sister turns up, out of the blue.

Stirring descriptions which will want you to turn every page, and make you feel like you are in Spain!

The Seamstress by Maria DueƱas

Love, war, tragedy and adventure- All under one cover! If you like a read with twists and turns-this one is for you. A story about a self-made woman, Sara, who was left impecunious by her lover, Ramiro. Sara sews for a living in Morocco, as she is unable to return to Madrid due to a raging war. The writing is typical of its time, which seamlessly combines romance and history.

On Pilgrimage by Jennifer Lash

If you are an avid reader of pilgrimage books, this is a remarkable travel memoir.’On Pilgrimage’ is a story of an incredible journey of Lash through France to Spain over a period of time, after learning she had cancer. The author travels to places of contemporary Christian pilgrimage. Lash leaves her family of six children aged between 10 and 17 and a husband, for several weeks to travel solitary. She gives her candid views on the places she visits and the people she meets.This is an insightful story about spiritual discovery, humbly written.

There is no greater joy for book lovers to find the perfect holiday book. Start to read the moment you sit on that airplane, windows down, reading lights on and you’re set on an exciting journey, literally.

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