Cheap Places to Park Your Car by the Airport

There are the airport parking lots which can cost an arm and a leg, but the security is great and it is convenient. Then there are the free parking lots which do not ensure the safety of your car.

That leaves us with the choice of having to look for an off Newark Liberty International Airport parking lot or service which can ensure security and yet be affordable. These do exist, but you have to make reservations.

The online sites will ensure your reserved space and the payment can also be made online. All you need to do is to go and click the mouse, make sure that all details are correct, ready the credit card for payment and within minutes your spot is paid and available on the day that you travel.

ABC parking costs about $9.00 a day, complete service of security, security pass, monitoring, shuttle service to take you to and from the airport terminal all with no parking taxes. When you make the reservations online you can immediately just print out the coupon and you are done. The only thing not going too well is the shuttle which can be slow at times.

There are also the number of hotels which can offer one to two weeks of free parking if you check in. this works well for early morning trips and the hotel provides the shuttle, hotel taxi and limousine service, it is your choice. With the free two weeks, this parking option makes even the short hotel stay even more cost effective and attractive to the clients and travellers.

These hotels also have a frequent stay program. These are for travellers who frequent the use of the hotel for their travel and with registration you can avail of the free stay and free overnight stay. Check out the different hotels online and find out which has the best and cheapest prices and accommodations for your vehicles.

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