Enjoying Epiphany in Spain – The Main Features

Epiphany is a special festival celebrated all over the world but in Spain people are more excited to celebrate this day. It is celebrated twelve days after Christmas on 6th January. It is also known as the “Three Kings Day”. The word “Epiphany” originated from Greek meaning “manifestation” and the day is celebrated because people believe that God came to the Earth as a human in the form of his son.

Children are very excited as they receive gifts from the three kings. On Epiphany morning, you can visit the local bakers in Spain and buy a local cake/pastry called a ‘Roscon’ which is a ring-shaped roll. The roll is filled with cream or chocolate and is decorated with a paper crown. In addition, there will be two plastic wrapped figurines inside the cake: a small king and a faba bean. One who gets the slice of the cake with the small king is the king and the person will have good luck for the rest of the year. The person who gets the faba bean has to pay for the cake.

It is the best part and you can find this tasty sweet dish on each and every shop or bakery house. The day honors the three wise men that followed a star to find Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and gave him gifts the night he was born.

The celebrations are done all over Spain but the main procession takes place in Madrid. Different parades are taken out on the streets. On January 5th, people line up the streets to get a glimpse of the celebrations and the special parade. The parade runs through the popular historic center and attracts a number of people. Children follow the kings through the streets on the day. People dressed in beautiful costume bang drums and you can also see dancing puppets and clowns. Sweets are thrown by the kings who ride on the camels and collected by the children as well as the youngsters. If you are in Spain at the time of Epiphany, do not miss the parade. Children also go from house to house, sing songs, and receive treats.

Children place straw or grain in their shoes to serve the food to the king’s horses. These are left on balconies and refilled at night by parents with the gifts and cookies. The three kinds represent three different continents. King Melchior represents Europe, King Caspar represents Asia, and King Balthazar represents Africa. Children write letters to the kings and post them in special boxes kept in departmental stores. Children receive presents as per their wish.

Shopping centers in Malaga remain open till very late hours. The sale also starts from the 26th of December and lasts till the end of this festival. It is total worth spending time in Spain to enjoy epiphany. This wonderful festival can make great memories for your children. The arrival of Epiphany marks the end of the festive season. You will surely enjoy spending time with your friends and family. People give a warm welcome to ‘plough Monday’ the very next day of the festival. It is the end of the festive season that spreads love and laughter all over.

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