Enjoying the Outdoors During a Florida Beach Vacation to Amelia Island

Taking a Florida beach vacation to Amelia Island wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to enjoy the great outdoors and all of the opportunities it has to offer. Plentiful golfing opportunities and formidable hiking locations await the outgoing visitors to the area. Wildlife and great scenery abound for the nature lover. Nature tours and river cruises delight those looking to relax. No matter what your style of vacation, this area has something to make your holiday memorable.

A Florida Beach Vacation For Sports Enthusiasts

Those who enjoy various sporting opportunities enjoy the area for its unforgettable, world-class opportunities. Award-winning fishing trips take you on an adventure along the Amelia Island flats. Here, you can try your luck with spotted sea trout, ladyfish, redfish, and even sharks. Along the way, you can arrange for beginner to advanced lessons.

Several different golfing opportunities await those who love seeing the lay of the land from the links. Designed by some of the most famous golfers and landscapers around, the courses in the area offer a challenge to experienced golfers, but they also have great spots for beginners looking to try something new. Overlooking the water and great scenery in the area, how could you resist?

Amelia Island For The Romantic Traveler

Imagine exploring the various waterways while lying out on the deck of a fine cruise ship and enjoying the drink of your choice. It’s relaxing at its finest on this type of Florida beach vacation. Guided tours of Egan’s Creek, Cumberland Island, the Lighthouse, and the backwaters give you a feel for the area’s rich history and culture. You can even spend the day in St. Mary’s, Georgia to get up close and personal with the area’s history.

This type of vacation certainly calls for a trip to the beach. Walk along and enjoy the sand between your toes and the calming sound of water lapping gently against the shore. Look for sharks teeth, shells, and other discards hailing from the depths of the ocean.

Getting Active While On Holiday

Have the urge to get moving and get in touch with nature? No problem, Amelia Island has something to offer you as well. One of the area’s favorite activities is a kayaking tour. While enjoying the activity that comes with the kayak, you get the opportunity to see the wild side of the area’s waterways as well as those in the area and along the shoreline. It’s the ideal way to see the area in a whole new way.

Hiking throughout the region is always a delight. Take the untraveled backcountry to see the hidden gems and wildlife most people never see. For a more leisurely stroll and one a little less wild, head out along the trails with a guided or privately guided tour. You can learn about the flora and fauna in the area while getting in some good, old-fashioned exercise.

A Florida beach vacation in Amelia Island opens the doors for everyone to find solace and excitement all in one place. Plan the vacation you’ve always wanted, or take spontaneity to the next level and see where the land and the water take you. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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