Information About Andorra

For 715 years, given by 1278 to 1993, Andorrans lasted under a unparalleled co-principality, found by French and Spanish leaders (derived from 1607 onward, the French chief of state and the Spanish bishop of Urgel). In 1993, this feudal system was modified with the titular heads of province retained, however the government metamorphosed into a parliamentary republic. Long detached and impoverished, mountainous Andorra accomplished considerable successfulness since World War II through its tourer industry. Numbers of immigrants (legal and illegal) are attracted to the thriving economy with its lack of income taxes.

The single official language is Catalan, the language of the close Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia, by using which Andorra shares several cultural traits, though Spanish, Portuguese and French are likewise usually spoken. The predominant religion is Catholicism. Andorra’s long story has provided it with a rich mythology and an abundance of country tales, with roots originating as far as Andalusia in the south and the Netherlands in the north.

Andorran culture is Catalan in heart, since the inborn population of Andorra is Catalan. Even so, it has given a significant and well identifiable contribution to the conglomerate of Catalan culture.

Two writers famed in Catalonia & the domain, Michele Gazier and Ramon Villero, each came from Andorra.

Andorra is home to folk dances like the contrapas and marratxa, which one survive in Sant Julia de Loria especially. Andorran folk music has similarities to all of its neighbors, however is especially Catalan in character, specially in the presence of dances such as the sardana. More Andorran folk dances admit contrapas in Andorra la Vella and Saint Anne’s dancing in Escaldes-Engordany.

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