Missing Spain

When I was living in Europe, everything in the United States seemed better: Better paid jobs, the cutting edge of the technology, comfortable life in the suburbs and other features. I am not going to argue about the advantages of residing in the United States; but I can not help realizing that I left behind several things that made the life worth living.

In Spain, my home country, everybody shared the values of time spent together with friends and family. I am not saying that the same thing happens in the United States; but having your relatives spread in several different states and the obsession about money and working sometimes you loose the point about what all this effort is for.

Spain is one of the best places to enjoy. Good weather, good food and friendly people draw foreigners from Europe and around the World not only to spend vacations but also to retire and to move permanently. This phenomenon, somewhat recent, changed Spaniards’ personality. Now Spain is a multicultural society, open to the World and to the future.

As I said before, Spain is open to the future. The economy is shifting from tourism to green technologies. It is said that is the leading nation in solar cells panels. Mass transport is other important part of the economical development. High speed train and sophisticated underground train network in the principal cities allows motility in an efficient and comfortable fashion. Mid size condo buildings allows lower expenses in energy, and infrastructures. In addition to that, the average distances are smaller.

Both technology and lifestyle influenced each other. People are used to be closer to their neighbors, use cars less often and gather together to celebrate any relevant event. The low cost of living is translated in a better coverage for supplying the basic needs: health and education are public and affordable.

I must stress the devotion that the Spanish culture has for gastronomy. Every region has its specialty and all of them are worth tried. Probably among the finest food Spain can offer are their cold cuts: jamon Serrano, salchichon, chorizo and lomo. All of them are common for the whole Iberian Peninsula. In the South, the Andalusian Community is proud of their “pescaito frito”( fine fried fish). In the East, in Valencia, both habitatns and visitors can enjoy delicious “paella”. In the North, in the Vasque Country you can enjoy a delicious meal made out of several elaborated snacks called “pintxos”.

After all I have written above, Spain is probably one of the best places in the World to live and enjoy the life.

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