Spain: The Medieval Age Of Toledo

People travel for many reasons. Some travel for relaxation, others for exploration. But if you are craving for that authentic sense of the medieval period, then this small town 45 miles south of Madrid just might be the perfect getaway for you.

The history of Toledo unfolds with the contributions of the Christians, Jewish and Muslim, this happened because of the numerous influences that flocked this town throughout the years. A visit here will ensure you something out of the usual, something that you would have only read about in books.

A visit in Toledo will never be complete without dropping by the Alcazar fortress, now restored after it was shattered during the Spanish Civil War. This fortress was built by King Carlos I. Toledo is also home to the renowned painter, El Greco. Another must-see sight in this town is the Monastery of San Juan delos Reyes that was erected in 1510. Great thing about this attraction is that you can practically enter every room inside it, not to mention the luscious gardens too which will of course send tourists spiraling into tourist mode and tour the monastery with all their hearts’ content.

Toledo is famous not only for the different sights that attracts tourists here but also because of its people. The talents, the culture, the craftsmanship that is seen in every part of this small town in Madrid, it might be small in size, but there is no end as to what this Spanish town has to offer and present those who wish to be part of its heritage.

But when talking about the famous sights and sounds, surely not to be missed is Toledo’s magnificent cathedral. It was the year 1226 when creation of this cathedral was started. And it took two and a half centuries to finish this masterpiece. The cathedral houses over 800 stained glass window that is present in all churches and of course home to the highest-ranking archbishop of Spain.

Where else in the world can such combination of rich religion be found? Usually on daggers with each other, Toledo is home to the religions of Jewish, Christians and Muslims as well. That is why the residents of Toledo are proud of their homeland for it has its own identity and is considered as legendary. Tourists will surely love a visit here because of the unique experience that one will encounter upon arriving in Toledo.

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