Spain’s El Escorial and Palacio Real De Aranjuez

Spain is mostly known for its food because almost every country in the world’s cuisine has a tinge of Spanish taste in it due mainly to Spanish expeditions that occurred long ago. However, being one of the first European countries that had greatly established monarchies, it is not hard to believe that Spain has more than just flavorful and colorful food to offer. Just like its regal Spain flag, this country is also a place teeming with majestic and grandiose sites to see.

The El Escorial, which is the King of Spain’s historic residence, is considered the best landmark of its capital, Madrid. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, the El Escorial is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year. In its advocacy and dedication to Catholicism, Spain patterned El Escorial’s architecture according to the description of King Solomon’s temple in the Bible. The building has a lot of sections which were made for the purpose of grand royal functions. Some of these are kings’ patios, the basilica, the hall of battles which is full of fresco paintings of Spain’s victories in different battles, and the pantheon for princes which housed the kings’ children and some queens.

Another UNESCO World Heritage site in Madrid is the Palacio Real de Aranjuez, which literally means “The Royal Palace of Aranjuez” obviously because it is located in Aranjuez, a province of Madrid. It was designed by the same people who built the El Escorial. This palace is full of gardens, water bodies and recreation places originally designed to offer comfort and relief to royals during dusty and dry seasons.

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