Spanish Festivals Add to Fun on Mallorca Villa Break

Spain is known for its festival culture, with hundreds of fiestas and events taking place all year round. From days of dancing to celebrate the patron day of a saint, to salsa dancing events and food-themed festivals, the country really knows how to have a good time.

The chance to dance til they drop and get under the skin of local culture could definitely be one of the main draws for the millions of Brits who travel to Spain every year for a holiday. Appealing to a wide range of travellers, the country is perfect for both romantic breaks for two, fun-filled family holidays and trips away with a large group of friends.

A stay in a Mallorca farmhouse could prove ideal for all these sorts of holidays, as the wide range of different sized properties with varying facilities means there is sure to be one to fit in with any type of getaway.

So when is the best time to head to Mallorca – and what can visitors get up to while they are there?

The best time to head off for a fun-filled Mallorca break

Any time of the year is pretty much ideal for a holiday to Mallorca, as the island – the largest in the Balearic set – enjoys an enviable climate all year round.

The brilliant weather is one of the main reasons why Mallorca continues to be a mecca for Brits looking for somewhere to take their summer break and is certainly one of the island’s best points.

However, some months of the year may be ideal for those looking to experience some Spanish culture and head to a festival or two while enjoying a stay in a villa in Mallorca.

During June, the island comes alive with the sights and sounds of the world-famous Fiestas de San Agustin, which is held in the town of Felanitx.

The festival is held to mark the saints day of San Agustin and is usually held in June each year. Visitors to the event will be enthralled by traditional dancing, which is often to the sound of instruments including flutes and bagpipes.

Another must see at the event is the Els Cavallets dance, which is performed to try and increase the fertility levels among the island’s inhabitants.

Locals taking part in this dance can often be seen dressed up in colourful costumes of green, pink and white, to dance around a lady who may be dressed up as a pony. The dance symbolises the chasing away of demons and is usually performed twice during the Fiestas de San Agustin in Felanitx.

Those on holiday in one of the many farmhouses in Mallorca which are available to rent could find that they fancy getting into the swing of things and dressing up like the Spanish festival goers.

An evening on Mallorca

As night falls, visitors’ thoughts may turn to how best to spend an evening on Mallorca – and the good news is that they will truly be spoilt for choice.

From family friendly bars and restaurants catering for travellers of all ages, to nightclub hotspots perfect for dancing the night away, the island really does have it all.

While on a Mallorca villa holiday, visitors to the island should certainly make sure they sample some of the food for which it is known.

As an island Mallorca is noted for its amazingly fresh seafood which can be found in many of its restaurants. Those on a romantic break could order a number of different plates of tapas and share them. These smaller plates are ideal for those who like to sample as much of the local cuisine as possible when they are on holiday.

Those with a big appetite could enjoy another traditional Spanish dish, paella, which is made with rice, prawns, chicken and assorted vegetables. While Brits may have tried the dish back at home, the chance to try it from a traditional Spanish restaurant, cooked the right way, is something which should definitely not be missed.

After a hearty meal and a drink or two, heading back to a Mallorca villa is truly the best way to enjoy a relaxing evening. Visitors could round off their day with a swim in their very own pool or simply relax with all the comforts of home.

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