Spanish Holidays Bear Consideration For People on Tight Budgets

With the world economy looking so shaky many people are concerned about trying to save money and pay down debt. One of the first luxuries that gets dropped is the annual family holiday. Yet if you choose the right place to holiday you will find that, in fact, it may be a lot cheaper than you think and a treat that you can still afford.

When you are looking for a cheap vacation you need to consider several factors.

The first is obviously the airfare. There is no point going to somewhere really cheap if you have to pay a fortune to get there. Obviously the price of tickets to Spain will depend largely on where you are as well as when you wish to travel. The middle of summer, school holidays and long weekends are times when prices rise considerably. If you have the flexibility to modify your travel times going just a week earlier or later can yield significant savings of up to half the price of the ticket. Many discount airlines fly to airports all across Spain so there are no excuses for you not finding a cheap ticket from most parts of Europe.

The second set of costs you want to consider of those of accommodation and food. In this regard Spain is attractive relative to many other destinations in Europe. As a regular visitor I have found that it is possible to rent a reasonably cheap beach house or apartment for my family with a bit of searching on the Internet. Word of mouth is usually a great source of information too. Once we have accommodation and tickets the vast bulk of our spending is already accounted for. This is because Spain is an incredibly cheap country when it comes to food and drink. I have found that on the coast it is possible to buy huge mounds of fresh prawns and calamari in the regular supermarket for just a few Euros. On my last trip I fed both my family and the friends we were staying with a huge meal of fresh seafood that we prepared on the barbeque at a cost of about 10 Euros. For that money you would struggle to get much more than a bottle of wine and a few snacks in Britain.

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