The World’s Top Food Destinations

People travel for varying reasons, but there’s one thing we all need to do – eat! The following destinations have distinctive, world renowned food. Enjoying the range of great dishes that they offer can even become a focal point of any holiday there. Travel Insurance will keep you protected on your gourmet holiday.


The concept of a restaurant originated in France. Where better to experience fine dining? The French are very proud of their food (and their wine), so with such dedication, one is sure to be in good hands. Options include great baked goods like croissants, fine cheeses, delectable desserts like tarts and, if the budget is willing, truffles.


A simple margarita pizza washed down with a lovely glass of red, while sitting in a quaint little cafe, watching passers by stroll down quaint cobbled laneways: It doesn’t get much more pleasant than this. Take your time over your meal, and enjoy it the way the Italians do.


Sitting yourself up at the sushi train belt (kaiten sushi in Japanese) is a great way to rub shoulders with the locals. It’s also the best vantage point for snaring your favourite raw fish dish as soon as it’s added to the sushi train belt. Don’t be surprised if fellow Japanese guests comment on how well you are handling your chopsticks. It’s a common conversation starter.


The majority of Thais eat out for almost every meal, so there’s no shortage of great food about. Steer clear of the tourist restaurants if you want to eat authentic Thai food. This may leave you short of an English menu, but you can have a look at what others are eating and when you see something that looks appealing, point!


Mouth watering Indian curries have made their way around the world. Make your way back to the source and enjoy a great curry with a huge naan and lassi for just a few dollars. Mention that you’re from anywhere within the old British empire, and you could shortly find yourself in an enthusiastic conversation about the state of world cricket. If you are out sightseeing, stop in at a basic street bar like the locals, for a few succulent samosas.


The humble Aussie meat pie can’t really be held up in the same esteem as the culinary creations of the aforementioned nations. What Australia does offer is a great mix of the world’s best foods. With multiculturalism has come a wonderful array of tasty dishes. Major cities like Sydney and Melbourne even have regions of the city that are renowned for meals of specific nationalities, like Vietnamese, Greek, Lebanese and Italian. The fact that almost all restaurants use fresh ingredients means that the quality of food is invariably high.

None of the cuisines of the countries listed above could be described as one dimensional. Each has a range of dishes, giving the visitor plenty to try. Each nation also has bundles of sightseeing options, so you won’t be short of things to do between those delicious meals. You will be licking your lips in anticipation, as you pack your bags and finalise your Cheap Travel Insurance

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