Visiting Embonas Village During Rhodes Holidays

Embonas Village a worth-seeing tourist’s attraction under the municipalities of Attavyros attracts many tourists for their Rhodes Holidays. Located at a distance of 52 km from the Rhodes Town, it has a population of 1,415. Located halfway up the Attavyros Mountain, this village is surrounded by various mountains.

Local people state that Embonas is the highest village on Rhodes’ Island, which is about 800m above the nearby sea level. It is also known to be the core of the local wine industry in Rhodes. Moreover, this astounding place catches sight of the tourists visiting this place.

Embonas offers a number of Rhodes Holidays Ideas to choose from. It is indeed a full of life village with crowded pubs, cafeterias and bars all year round. You can walk freely in its back alleys. Similarly, you can visit its famous Folk Museum and see ancient household items, agricultural tools, mementos and personal items of the museum’s donator poet Ioannis Konstantakis. You can also buy some of the colorful handmade carpets and blankets in this village. Apart from this, you can find a lot of vaults offering tasty wine along with its locally made liqueurs.

During your Rhodes Holidays in Embonas you can see the prominent dance group dressed in their conventional dresses. The locals of Embonas are well known for their extraordinary dance and good spirit skills. They are very welcoming and helpful.

Apart from the Folk Museum, other main attractions in Embonas include a Natural Monument and Natural Cypress-tree Wood. Talking about its location, Embonas is blessed with an immense natural beauty with spectacular surroundings areas. Additionally, taking walk in such lush green resort will make you feel much good.

The high location of the Embonas village is a factor that has declined the rate of tourism in this resort but still it is being visited by several Rhodes Holidays makers due to its lively environment and completely unspoiled beauty. May be, it is the possible reason that this village still carries a lot of unexplored secrets that even the local people are unaware of. One among them is its secret and glorious waterfall.

With respect to the Rhodes Holidays, Embonas village is famous for its grilled meat taverns that offer high quality chopped & grilled juicy meat at the spot. Similarly, its wine is considered to be the ever best wine of the island. If you are a bold hiker and carry a lion-heart then you must visit this place. It is because it carries a secret path leading to the top of Attavyros Mountain.

The remnants of the temple of Attavyrios Zeus get visible on reaching to the top of the mountain. An ancient mythology reveals that it was set up by the famous hero Athamenes during his tenure. Additionally, the description of this spot can be found in different primitive compositions as well as in various masterworks.

The travelers and visitors call Embonas village a masterwork of the Mediterranean. Being a union of different Greek cultures and village look, it is therefore an attractive resort in Rhodes. Moreover, this place is a must see picnic spot for families and their children coming to Rhodes for their Rhodes Holidays.

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