Visiting Mauritius – Part 2

To enjoy your visit in the North of Mauritius to the maximum you could also go Triolet Shivala. The Triolet Shivala is also known as the Maheshwarnath temple and is considered as the biggest Hindu temple in Mauritius. The temple was initially constructed in the year 1819 and invokes Gods such as Shiva, Vishnu, and Krishna among others. Another place worth having a look is the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden situated at Pamplemousses. While in the garden, you will be able to discover a wide variety of exotic plants including coulourful and perfumed flowers. Tropical fruit trees can also be found.

If you decide to head east, you could be on for some real fun. One of the major places in the East of Mauritius is the Flacq market. Flacq is one of the most important and busy villages in Mauritius. It has the largest open air market where thousands of people meet everyday to buy, to sell or even as a meeting point! Another place not to miss when visiting the east of Mauritius is the Waterpark Leisure Village. As the name mentions, Waterpark is a place where all sort of water activities are available. You may enjoy sliding on giant water chutes or even in the ‘black hole’. Other interesting activities are well worth discovering. Hence, once you are done, these memories of pleasure and leisure may remain unforgettable.

Additionally, you could also feel immensely pleased by having a ride on the Grand River South East. Grand River South East is the biggest and longest river in Mauritius. You could see people taking dives on top of the waterfalls so as to earn a living. The view is picturesque and never as seen before. While in Mauritius, many tourists visit a small island off the eastern coast of Mauritius. This island is known as the Ile aux Cerfs. Ile aux Cerfs has the most beautiful beach in Mauritius and is one of the most appropriate places for various water sports. Inside the island, there is a wonderful golf course where competitions are occasionally held. It as well serves as means of distraction for most tourists who are passionate about the game.

Furthermore, going more south east of Mauritius, you could end up landing on the Ile aux Aigrettes island. Mauritius is proud to own the Ile aux Aigrettes Island as it has achieved an international standard for the protection of endangered species and natural resources. The island is controlled by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Once in this unique part of Mauritius, you would be able to see the very rare bird and once in danger of extinction the Pink Pigeon. You would also be able to see the Green Gecko Phelsuma and the Aldabra which is a giant tortoise. After having experienced this, you may feel a growing sensation of visiting Mauritius more than once. Then, another destination that you would most probably love to go is the Blue Bay beach. But before you reach there you have to pass through Mahebourg. Mahebourg is also an important place in Mauritius as it is one of the major fishing places in the island.

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